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Persam & Comp se prezinta ca o mica afacere de familie infiintata in anul 1994, ce desfasoara activitati de comert in zona orasului Oravita. Principala activitate este comertul cu amanuntul in cele patrusprezece magazine proprii aflate in orasul Oravita si in vecinatatea acestuia..

Din punct de vedere logistic Persam& Comp detine un depozit de 4200 m2 si un parc auto cu 25 de masini in momentul de fata ce permite distributia de marfuri catre magazinele proprii si nu numai. In ceea ce priveste activitatea de distributie, este un domeniu in care continuam sa ne dezvoltam cautand parteneri potriviti pentru o experienta cat mai completa si un parteneriat de succes.

O alta activitate desfasurata de Persam & Comp este cea de fabricare a painii in cadrul brutariei din localitatea Gradinari. Acesta activitate sustine livrarea de paine atat in magazinele proprii cat si catre alti agenti economici. Si in acest domeniu ne dorim o mai buna dezvoltare si suntem deschisi la parteneriate care sa ne poata ajuta in aceasta directie. Suntem in cautare de persoane care pot aduce cunostinte in ce priveste activitatea de patiserie, gelaterie.

Zona in care ne desfasuram activitatea nu si- a atins potentialul maxim in ce priveste dezvoltarea economica, de aceea avem ca obiectiv pe viitor o crestere a activitatii, in special pe partea de distributie si pe cea de fabricare a produselor de panificatie, gelaterie, patiserie ajutand astefel la creeare de noi locuri de munca si la dezvoltare zonei.

Persam & Comp is a small family business from Oravita set up in 1994 that conducts commerce activities. The main activity is retail trade in thirteen personal shops from Oravita and nine other villages from around the city.

In terms of logistics Persam & Comp owns a warehouse of 4200 m2 and a parking lot which at the moment has 20 cars that allows the distribution of goods towards its own stores and more. Regarding the distribution activity, it is an area where we are continuously expanding by seeking proper partners for a more complete experience and successful partnership.

Another activity carried out by the Persam & Comp is the manufacture of bread in the bakery from Grădinari. This activity supports the delivery of bread in both our stores and other undertakings. In this area too we want a better development and we are open to partnerships that can help us in this direction. We are looking for people who can bring knoledge regarding pastry and ice cream manufacturing.

The area in wich we are developing our activity has not reach his maximum economic potential, that is why our future objective is to grow our activity especially regarding the distribution and the bakery, pastry and ice cream manufacturing, and in this way helping to creat new work places and thereby to contribute to the development of the area.






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